Nolimit City takes a sinister route in Blood & Shadow

After letting the hip-hop fueled journey Benji Killed in Vegas steal the spotlight, Nolimit City is now ready to take a much darker, more sinister route. The provider is known to be familiar with the supernatural, having produced the viral sensation that was Book Of Shadows in 2020. Their latest release, Blood & Shadow, serves as a thematic prequel to the fan favorite; however, it's set to be a standout masterpiece in its own right.

The slot's daunting storyline tells the tale of an old witch who, after decades of studying the forbidden arts cast away from any form of civilization discovers a ritual for eternal youth and sets out to enact it.

The reels spin deep in the midst of the shadows of an abandoned cathedral, where the underworld is free to roam. The beautifully crafted artwork is fittingly dark and eerie, with the music and sound effects straight out of a horror film, further adding to the game's harrowing ambiance and immersing players in the haunting world of dark magic.

What makes Blood & Shadow really stand out is its gameplay. The base game revolves around a five-level progression system. Winning combinations are destroyed, allowing new symbols to fall in. However, winning with Medium or High Paying symbols or landing scatters also fills the new ritual bar. Once the bar is filled, the game awards bonus spins and transforms regular symbols into their demonic counterpart, which pay significantly more.

Reaching the fifth and final level destroys the ritual bar and awards plus six cursed spins, a frantic mode with an extra row and only high-paying symbols. That's not all, though; cursed spins also feature xSplit as well as sticky wilds, having all the ingredients to conjure up some massive wins.

Blood & Shadow's volatility is rated as "Extreme" - fittingly alongside some of Nolimit's most popular releases. Some may be skeptical, but they won't be once "The Pact is sealed," landing lucky players a maximum payout of 6,666 times the base bet.

"As the years go by, her time is running out. Shadow Girl now turns her eyes to the Realm of Shadows to find Eternal youth, but will this come to her as a blessing or a curse," said Sebastian Hovenberg, Product Owner at Nolimit City. "Welcome in and try out our very first ever progression game where sacrifices are the only way to reach the highest potentials."

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